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Development of intelligent animal-free fish bioassays

Funder: UK NC3Rs - CRACK IT Challenge  

The  Margiotta-Casaluci Lab is partner of an exciting consortium that has been awarded an NC3RS CRACK IT Challenge Phase 1  (£100,000).  The aim of this Challenge is to develop a suite of innovative, scalable bioassays for key adverse outcome pathways to replace in vivo fish studies in chemical safety screening and regulatory environmental risk assessment (you can read more about the challenge here -


In this project, we will use advanced computational approached combined with cutting edge in vitro technologies to generate high-precision predictions concerning the mode of action and the potential adverse effects of chemicals across species. 

The consortium is formed by a fantastic group of world leading scientists with expertise in comparative toxicology and physiology, molecular biology and bioinformatics, in vivo and  in vitro assays development, and network pharmacology. 

  • Professor Christer Hogstrand (King's College London)

  • Dr Luigi Margiotta-Casaluci (King's College London)

  • Professor Charles Tyler (University of Exeter)

  • Professor Nic Bury (University of Suffolk)

  • Professor Peter Kille (Cardiff University)

  • Professor Anders Goksøyr (University of Bergen/Biosense)

Stay tuned to hear more about our results! 

In the meanwhile, you can learn more about NAMs-related research at King's by visiting this website - - and watching the video below, in which your can hear Professor Hogstrand and Professor Bury talking more about our ongoing research. 



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